Good Friday 2013

Today, we commemorate Jesus’ last living day before He died and ultimately raised Himself from the dead.  The day is known as “Good Friday”.  And what a good Friday it was!

Two songs by Dustin Kensrue immediately come to mind that allude to the biblical accounts of the first Good Friday: “The Great Exchange” and “Listen Through Me”.


“The Great Exchange” (on Beggars by Thrice)

Quite simply, this is one of Dustin’s greatest works, lyrically-speaking.  He tells the story of how Jesus (the “captain”) died in place of sinners (the “enemies”) and, thus, bridged the chasm between Holy God and sinful man – the doctrine of the substitutionary atonement.  More to the point on this Good Friday, the last verse essentially refers to the traditional seventh word (“Father, into your hands, I commit my spirit”) and subsequent death of Christ in Luke 23:46:

I thought I must be dead or dreaming,
When my captain – still battered, betrayed –
Pulled me up, laid me over the beam he’d clung to,
Breathed his last, and sank under the waves.


“Listen Through Me” (on Major/Minor by Thrice)

I love that this song was included on Major/Minor.  It was Dustin’s opportunity to basically share the Gospel on a Thrice record – and, as with his other works, he did it well!  The second pre-chorus stands out, with its direct reference to John 19:30:

The shadows all had flown clung
In the light diminished;
He emptied out his lungs,
Crying, “It is finished!”


Have a blessed Good Friday, as you remember what Jesus did for the sake of sinners past, present, and future!


Update on 3/29/2013 at 11:56: Corrected lyrics to “Listen Through Me” to “The shadows all had clung” – thanks to Dustin himself for the correction via Twitter!