“Proper faith involves trust, based on good reason.” -Dustin Kensrue

Below quotes taken from “Interview with Thrice frontman Dustin Kensrue” (by Mike Horvath of Pure Grain Audio – May 1, 2008)

When asked why he believes in God, Dustin answered:

  • “Faith, as it was talked of in the past, is something that you have enough evidence to believe firmly in, that you put your trust in.”
  • “So I think proper faith should involve you having to make that choice of trust, based on good reason.  So, I don’t understand everything about God…basically I had to come to grips with the fact that I wasn’t going to understand everything—I wasn’t going to know everything—and that was hard for me.  But I think that’s important distinction to make, because you can’t actually have blind faith.”